Blueberry Lime Cheesecake {Vegan/GF/Paleo}

Blueberry Lime Vegan Cheesecake | Pretty Pies

If you saw my Purple Whipped Cream recipe, you know I L.O.V.E. purple. That’s why I’m so delighted to share this PURPLE cheesecake recipe: Blueberry Lime Vegan Cheesecake!

This is NOT a conventional cheesecake filled with refined sugar, bleached flour and dairy. Nope, it’s made mostly with nuts and fruit! So much healthier! Cheesecake that’s secretly good for you. YES.
Blueberry Lime Vegan Cheesecake | Pretty Pies

The crust is one of my absolute favorites. It tastes like a chewy cookie! It’s made with a mix of nuts and dates and it literally takes less than 5 minutes to make. Awesomeness.

And the cheesecake layers are SO decadent and CREAMY. I promise you won’t miss the dairy. I actually like vegan cheesecakes better than conventional. Plus, you don’t have to bake them! Woohoo!

Blueberry Lime Vegan Cheesecake | Pretty Pies

One of the amazing things about vegan cheesecakes is you can throw in any fresh fruit you like and it will be so good! Scoop some out as you go and make layers and it makes it really pretty! And you could use ANY type of berries in this cheesecake. It’s flexible!

Blueberry and lime is one of my favorite pairings. They’re so complementary and enhance each other’s flavor. You can add in as much zest as you want to really make the lime flavor shine. Taste and adjust as you go.. (part of the fun of making them.) If you haven’t tried this flavor combo before, add some lime zest the next time you make blueberry muffins. Sooo good. (Lemon works, too!)
Blueberry Lime Vegan Cheesecake | Pretty Pies

I love eating raw vegan cheesecakes because they make me feel GOOD afterward– not like I just ate a sugar bomb. Ya know what I mean? This cheesecake is full of PROTEIN, FIBER, and NUTRIENTS. And hello, healthy fats! My body rejoices instead of rebels. 🙂 Love it.

Update: Thank you for stopping by Pretty Pies! I’m in shock that over a quarter MILLION of you have stopped by to see this cheesecake recipe (!!!) Crazy! I’m blown away. If you like this cheesecake, get more recipes like this delivered straight to your inbox.

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Blueberry Lime Cheesecake {Vegan/GF/Paleo}
Pretty purple cheesecake that is made from pretty REAL food!
Blueberry Lime Vegan Cheesecake | Pretty Pies
  • 3/4 cup walnuts
  • 1/2 cup almonds
  • 1 cup medjool dates
  • 1/2 tsp ground vanilla beans or extract
  • Pinch of Himalayan pink salt
  • Splash of water if needed to help blend
Cheesecake Layer Ingredients:
  • 2 1/4 cup raw cashews soaked overnight
  • 1/4 to 1/3 cup maple syrup or honey
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup lime juice
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil melted
  • 1 tsp lime zest + more for garnish
  • 1 cup blueberries + more for garnish
  • 3/4 cup walnuts
  • 1/2 cup almonds
  • 1 cup medjool dates
  • 1/2 tsp ground vanilla beans or extract
  • Pinch of Himalayan pink salt
  • Splash of water if needed to help blend
Cheesecake Layer Ingredients:
  • 2 1/4 cup raw cashews soaked overnight
  • 1/4 to 1/3 cup maple syrup or honey
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup lime juice
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil melted
  • 1 tsp lime zest + more for garnish
  • 1 cup blueberries + more for garnish
Blueberry Lime Vegan Cheesecake | Pretty Pies
To make the crust:
  1. Pulse ingredients in food processor until sticky crumbles form. Add a splash of water at the end if it needs help sticking. Press crust into a parchment-lined 7" springform pan.
To make the lime cheesecake layer:
  1. The night before, soak cashews in a bowl of water. The next day, drain and rinse. Place cashews in food processor and blend for several minutes until smooth. Scrape down sides and add lime juice, 1/4 cup sweetener, zest, & vanilla & blend again. Stream in the melted coconut oil & blend until well combined. Taste and add more sweetener, if needed.
  2. Scoop out enough of the cheesecake filling to cover the crust with about 1/2 to 1 inch of the white layer. Then set in freezer for 30 minutes to firm up.
To make the blueberry cheesecake layer:
  1. Add 1 cup blueberries to the remaining cheesecake in your food processor and blend until smooth. If your blueberries are tart, you may need a couple more tsp sweetener.
  2. Spread the blueberry layer on top of lime layer and decorate with fresh blueberries and lime zest.
  3. Cover with foil and set in the freezer for about 3 hours to firm up and then transfer to the fridge for a couple more hours.
Recipe Notes

I used a 7" springform pan to make this cheesecake tall and pretty. If you use a larger pan, your layers and cake will be flatter/shorter.

Frozen fruit has a different water content and I'm not sure how it would work in this recipe. But if you do use frozen, thaw it first.

It should last about a week refrigerated and a month frozen. If frozen, set out at room temp for about 30 minutes. Slicing refrigerated (not frozen) is recommended.

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  1. Shannon says:

    I am confused. It says you can’t cut it when it’s refrigerated, only frozen? How do you serve it? Cut it into slices once frozen and then refrigerate the already cut pieces

    • Emily says:

      I recommend cutting it after has thawed in the fridge for a few hours. It’s difficult to slice if it’s frozen solid 🙂 sorry for the confusion

  2. Camryn says:

    Make me laugh MAO. Since when did cheesecakes
    ever have meat in them. They were ALWAYS vegan.
    Same with gluten free when products NEVER had gluten in them at all.

    • Tina B says:

      If you use biscuits to make the cheese cake base, it would have gluten in it : )

      I have made a cheese cake like that once and it was a-mazing. I took it to neighbours, but just in case they didn’t like it, I also took a shop bought dessert. Everybody loved the cheese cake so much, that the shop bought dessert wasn’t even touched and I was asked to make the cheese cake again soon!

    • Olivia says:

      Making ME LMAO!! Vegan means no animal products at all. So, in essence, no true *cheese* cake can be vegan.

      I just popped my finished product into the freezer. Used pistachios instead of almonds, and pecans for the walnuts, because I was out. Taste tested the crust- awesome!

      Thanks for the recipe!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I love this recipe, it’s better than I thought it would be. My first time making a vegan cheesecake and was pleasantly surprised. I am wondering about neutritional facts tho. Do you know them? Thanks for the great recipe!

    • Emily says:

      I’m so glad you love it, Jennifer! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I’m glad when I can concert a skeptic, lol.

      I don’t have the nutritional data but you can go to and it will analyze it for you.

    • Linda says:

      I think based on a quick calculation of the recipe as written, and based on 12 slices per cake, each slice is approximately 328 calories. I think.

  4. Sarah Brianni says:

    Hello my name is Sarah Brianni
    I live in Adelaide / South Australia
    Any way I made this cake tonight ( 24 – 3 – 2017 ) for my family and they loved it.

    I can’t believe how yummy it is.
    I loved it too. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ If you have any other vegan cake OR any other vegan things that would be great

  5. Karin says:

    This cheesecake looks amazing! I’m allergic to cashews and coconut. I was wondering if I could substitute them for almonds and another oil?

  6. Vrinda says:

    I made this yesterday – served today and I’m reeling from how delicious it was. The best vegan dessert I’ve made. The best vegan dessert I’ve eaten.

    • Emily says:

      For the crust, you could try oats or coconut shreds if he tolerates those. I don’t have a good replacement for the cashews, although some have made vegan cheesecakes using silken tofu or dayia cream cheese. I’ve never tried those products myself, so I can’t say for sure if they would work the same.. but maybe!

  7. Linda says:

    Made it and loved it! I did put a lot more lime zest in the top layer as I wanted it to be more tangy. In fact I just put in the whole half of lime with the peel on in addition to juice. I posted a photo of this cake on my social media and everyone is asking for a recipe, so I am spreading the word 🙂 Thank you for a great recipe, will definitely be making this again.

    • Emily says:

      So glad you loved it!! ☺️ your idea about the lime sounds great! Yum! Did you use a vitamix to blend it?
      I can’t seem to get your photo to open, but thanks for sharing! You can tag my fb page Pretty Pies

  8. Dawn says:

    I’m not a vegan myself, but I believe honey as an ingredient would be considered a vegan sin! This looks amazing! Can’t wait to try it.

  9. Alan says:

    Made it with frozen blueberries and came out fine and yummy. Very rich but healthy at the same time. I like the 3 different textures and taste.

  10. Christina says:

    I found this recipe on Pinterest and tried it out today. I can’t believe it looks as good as it does! Can’t wait to try the other cakes with avocado that also look amazing. Thanks for the recipes 🙂

    • Emily says:

      Kim, coconut oil solidifies below 76 degrees. You must live someplace warm 😉 My oil is always like a firm butter consistency, so I have to melt it into liquid

  11. Ashila says:

    This cake looks really good, but please stop using cups and give me grams! I’m a perfectionist and a chemist, so I can’t work with “cups”.. that is not accurate enough.

    So do you happen to have the recipe in grams for me?

  12. Helen says:

    This tastes as good as it looks. Delicious with the lime keeping it fresh and summery. I am not vegan but I do like to indulge in a healthy dessert – though will confess that I had it with a dollop of cream and it was heavenly.

  13. Brianna says:

    Do you think I could sub strawberries for blueberries and lemon for lime? This looks fantastic and strawberries are in season here.

    • Emily says:

      Absolutely! I have done that many times 🙂 you can make them in a muffin pan or mini springform pans. I recommend using parchment cake wrappers so they’re easy to pop out.

  14. Bonnie MacEvoy says:

    Nutrition Facts
    Servings: 12
    Per Serving % Daily Value*
    Calories 353
    Total Fat 24.7g 32%
    Saturated Fat 8g 40%
    Trans Fat 0g
    Cholesterol 0mg 0%
    Sodium 5mg 0%
    Potassium 331mg 7%
    Total Carb 31.3g 10%
    Dietary Fiber 3.4g 12%
    Sugars 20.3g
    Protein 7.2g
    Vitamin A 0% · Vitamin C 6%
    Calcium 3% · Iron 13%
    *Based on a 2,000 calorie diet
    Recipe analyzed by

    • Andrea says:

      Thank you Bonnie, very useful! This information is highly requested now days, a lot of people, like me, use the “macros” for daily basis in order to choose and plan the food they eat for the days, for me is very high in fats (total for the day 40gr) so I will make it for my fam

  15. Eve says:

    I’m from Finland and I try to change your cups to milligrams. Is it your cup 240 ml or 280ml? The cake looks so good 🙂

  16. Alister says:

    Looks great
    Any idea what to replace cashews, almonds & dates with For those of us on a fodmap ?

  17. trinka says:

    I made this and brought it into work for them to try. Most liked it. Said it had a unique taste and textures. I thought it was really good. Would like to know the calories. I will be making it again next week for a rehearsal dinner party. Might try and make 2 of them and see how the blackberries taste. It turned out just like your photo. GREAT RECIPE!!!

    • Emily says:

      I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for the feedback! Please let me know how the blackberries turn out! Yum

      One tip on the blackberries.. I would blend those separately in a small blender and strain out the seeds so the texture is smoother.

      For the nutrition facts, Bonnie commented with them the other day. 353 calories I think? Scroll through and you should see it 🙂

  18. Erika Tucker says:

    Best dessert ever… thanks for sharing this delicious recipe. Substituted pecans for the walnuts (didn’t have them in stock) for the crust and they worked well too.

    Excited to try out your other recipes – cheers to excellent ingredients that contribute to good health.

    • Emily says:

      Thanks Erika! So happy to hear you liked it!

      Yes, any nut can be substituted! Pecans sound amazing. I must try that next time.

      Hope you enjoy the recipes

    • Emily says:

      Oh no! I would think a vitamix would handle it no problem. I use a basic cuisinart food processor.

      You did soak the cashews first, right? It’s not exactly nut butter, but nut… cream? Lol

      I’m glad you thought it was delicious! ☺️

  19. Camille says:

    I made this today – it’s in the final freezer stage! My backyard garden is overflowing with strawberries and herbs, so I swapped the blueberry-lime for strawberry-Meyer lemon and added fresh basil. I don’t have a final product yet, but the mix was delicious. I happened to have some incredible vanilla from a recent trip to Mexico and the combo of high-quality vanilla with the creamy Meyer lemon is unreal. The basil was a gamble, but it totally paid off. Thank you for this excellent, super easy recipe!

    • Emily says:

      Wow that sounds amazing!! Jealous of your Meyer lemons! And basil and Mexican vanilla! Yum!! Please let me know how it turns out post a pic on my facebook page so I can see

  20. Lindsay says:

    I am making this to take as my birthday “cake” to a family celebration tomorrow! I am really excited to see how it turns out! I love that you mentioned how this is a MUCH healthier option than buying or making something with lots of sugar and loads of processed ingredients. That is why I am making it! Just a couple quick questions—How long do the cashews have to actually soak? At least 8 hours? Also, I don’t have a food processor yet. Can I use my blender perhaps? Thanks so much!

    • Emily says:

      Hey Lindsay! Some people say they soak only 4 or 6 hours, but I do mine overnight just to be sure. 8 hours is probably plenty.

      If you have a powerful blender that will definitely work for the filling. For the crust, it might work, too! Maybe do short pulses so it doesn’t turn into almond butter, ha.

      Let me know how it turns out! Enjoy! And Happy Birthday!!

  21. sandi says:

    Haahahaaa Why would anyone allergic to nuts etc even look at this recipe and try substituting??? just look for another recipe!! Well done for taking time to invent this. I’m not vegan, but just LOVE nuts and good things…I am going to try this just for the great ideas with nuts and dates and creaming cashews…I’m pretty sure I can convert into other tasty things……..

  22. Satu says:

    Hi Finnish Eve,

    If you managed to do the measurements in grams, pls share. Would greatly appreciate!
    Will defo try the cake. Sounds delicious thank you!!
    Satu from Finland

  23. Cara Ziegel says:

    This showed up on facebook recently – probably why there are so many new posts here. I made it today – i was pretty sure I was going to hate it, but I didnt, I loved it! Everyone in the family ate it!

    I made a few changes because I’m just not that health-oriented lol. I subbed 2 tb coconut oil and 4 tb sugar in place of the dates, and baked the crust for 5 minutes. I added a dash of sweet sherry and a pinch of salt to the filling because I felt like it was missing something. And i threw in an unmeasured amount of sugar (probably 2 tb?) with the blueberries. Oh, and no decorative toppings!

    Thank you!!

    • Emily says:

      Possibly… depends on your blender. If it’s a good one, I think it would work just fine.

      However, a standard blender may not get the filling as smooth, and might struggle to blend the nuts/dates for the crust.

      If you try with a blender, let me know how it goes! 🙂

  24. Afton says:

    I’ve got my cashews soaking right now! Making this for my own little Birthday get together I’m having tomorrow. Question for you: would/could one substitute the maple syrup/honey for agave? I’m using maple this time, and we don’t eat honey, but I’m just curious to know if it may also work. I think agave tends to be a little more sweet.
    Thanks for sharing this recipe! Excited to try it!

    • Emily says:

      Yay! Enjoy! 🙂
      Yes, agave can be subbed, but I’m not sure of the exact amount. You may need a little less. Taste and adjust, & then add some milk (almond/cashew/etc) to make up for the missing liquid.

  25. Aarika says:

    I’m allergic to dairy and soy, so I was excited when I saw this recipe. All I can say is WOW!! I am blown away by the flavor palette of this vegan cheesecake! I just made it tonight and have only taste tested each layer. OH.EM.GEE!! Seeing I’m, also, allergic to almonds I used more walnuts and added about 5-6 figs (stems removed). I did almost double the zest, did 1 & 1/2 cup blueberries and did a blend of raw honey and Pure Vermont Maple Syrup (a requirement since I’m a Vermonter). I can’t wait to sample a piece with the layers together!!

  26. Isabelle says:

    Hi Emily !
    I cooked this “blueberry lime cheesecake” the last week and I really fall in love with your cake !
    It is amazing, tasty and lovely !
    My family (who is not casein, gluten and egg intolerant like me) also like it. It’s a real success and I’m impatient to try an other cake (I salivate at the prospect of trying all your recipes 🙂 ) .
    Thank you very much to share your recipes ! It is so nice to find desserts I can eat and I can really appreciate.

    (I’m sorry if my english is not perfect, I’m from France and I am not used to write in english)

    • Emily says:

      I’m SO happy to hear you loved it! Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it! I hope you enjoy my other recipes as well

  27. Vyshali says:

    Hi emily this is my first cake and i want to make it tomorrow for my hubby birthday i want to know the measurement in grms in previous comments somewhere u told 110grms and in another u told its 240grms . Can u tell me excat in grms ?

    • Emily says:

      Hi there! I’m sorry I’m not sure of the grams. All I know is my liquid measuring cup says 250ml=1 cup. Maybe google can convert it for you?

  28. Sarah says:

    Hi Emily,
    I have just made this and its in the fridge as I type (freezer too full to place it in there). I am not a vegan, however I do like experiementing with foods for gut health. For those who are wondering – I made this in individual serves using silicon cupcake moulds and it made 12 perfectly. I used my Ninja Smoothie maker which was very fiddly and required alot of starting, stopping and scraping – but I got there in the end. (may have to invest in a proper foodprocessor). Looking forward to tasting them tonight.

    Thanks for the blog – very interesting to see your combinations for the bases on the different ‘cheesecakes’ you make.

    • Emily says:

      Hey Sarah, Thank you for the info! Good to know! I bet they look really cute in individual servings. Share a picture over at ! I hope you enjoy them ☺️

  29. JoEllen says:

    I made this for my contribution to a potluck. I was rather embarrassed by the bland flavor of the filling. It looked like the picture but the flavor was overwhelmed by the coconut oil and honey. It never got smooth in my Kitchen-Aid food processor. If eaten in the dark, one could identify a little lime but that was it. I may take those 2 flavors and try another recipe using them.

    • Emily says:

      Sorry it didn’t work for you. 🙁
      If you use honey, that can have a strong flavor. A very light wildflower honey might work well. I prefer maple syrup for that very reason- not a fan of the strong flavor of honey.
      I’m not sure what happened with the lime. With plenty of zest, there is quite a bit of lime flavor. Maybe the honey covered it up?

  30. Andrea says:

    Thank you for this fabulous recipe! Loved the flavor, texture, everything! However, I must invest in a food processor Blender didn’t work, ended up using a stick blender as well as the mini-chopper attachment that came with it. Took a long time to make but we’ll worth it!

  31. Ella says:

    Hi Emily:

    I just finished making your delicious looking vegan blueberry cheesecake. I’m happy to see you answer comments so -at the risk of sounding like an idiot- the recipe called for lining the pan with parchment, whereas the video didn’t seem to show that. Now that the cake is in the freezer for the next 3 hours, I’m wondering what happens to the paper lining the pan when you serve the cake? Can you remove it before serving?

    • Emily says:

      I use the parchment to lift the cake and gently slide it off onto a cake stand/plate. OR sometimes I leave the parchment under there and trim off the excess. Either way works 🙂
      I hope you enjoy it! Let me know how it turns out.

  32. Linda says:

    Hi Emily! I just finished making this recipe. . .and so far. . .so good! My question is. . .do you think it is ok to leave it in the freezer for a couple of days. . .and then place in fridge before serving? I needed to make ahead. Thank you so much for your help!

  33. Andreia says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful work Emily. I’m a dessert lover but always try to be healthy. I just made this amazing cheesecake and it was simply fantastic! I fully recommend, it is quite easy to make. The recipe is very well explained, I followed and now I have a delicious cake exactly like the one in the picture. I will never eat the real and unhealthy cheesecake again. I’m looking forward to try another recipe from you. thanks a lot dear.

  34. Levi says:

    My sister in law is vegan and Id like to make this for her birthday that’s coming up. Is there a substitute for dates in the crust? They have too much sugar in them and some of the family won’t be able to eat them due to health reasons. Thanks! This does looks absolutely delicious!

    • Emily says:

      Yes there is a sub: 1 Tbs coconut oil. I just made it the other day. I used 2 cups of pecans. Blend up the nuts and coconut oil in your food processor and add a splash of water at the end. Don’t forget the salt–makes a big difference 🙂 Hope that helps!

  35. Mmybaird says:

    What kind of food processor do you use? I had to make the crust in several batches using a small electric chopper and a vitamix to make the filling-kind of a pain.
    I am in the middle of making this now and I keep nibbling on the crust!! So good!

    • Emily says:

      It’s a cuisinart. Has held up really well. I link to my exact model at
      Oh yes, that crust. I LOVE the crust. I make it just to eat on its own. Press it into a loaf pan lined with parchment, chill and then you can easily cut it into bars. Also delish with coconut and or chocolate chips
      Hope you enjoy the cheesecake!

    • Emily says:

      Hi Rachel! Usually about 6 hours is good. They should be plump and very soft.
      You can also soak them in hot water for 2 hours to speed up the process ☺️ I heat mine in a kettle and pour it over the cashews when it reaches a boil. Then leave it to soak.

  36. Sitara says:

    Just popped one in freezer. I made with frozen strawberries. Didn’t find fresh ones. Really hoping it will be good. As I know frozen strawberries has different water content. Finger crossed. Thanks for the recipe. Cheers.

  37. Maggy says:

    Hi there! I was wondering if you could soak the cashews in boiling water for a few hours instead of overnight? I saw that in a recipe somewhere and thought it was from the Goodful video about this one but apparently not. I was thinking about making this tonight.

    • Emily says:

      Yes!! You absolutely can. I discovered that a few months ago. Definite time saver. Bring a pot of water to boil, turn off the heat & add the cashews. Soak for about 2 hours, until they are softened. Hope you enjoy the cheesecake!

  38. Avia says:

    Hello! I wanna make this cheese cake and I really dislike coconut. I saw you said it cant be replaced but I wondered may it be replaced by a vegan butter?
    Thanks, its looks reallllly good!

    • Emily says:

      Hi Avia! I’m not certain about vegan butter since I’ve never used it before. You would need something that hardens when chilled. You could try palm oil, or what about refined coconut oil (no coconut flavor)

  39. Jennifer says:

    Hello! I want to try it but I don’t have vanilla extract. What do you think? And would it be still tasty if I use lemon zest instead of lime? (Can’t find any at the grocery!!) Thx a lot!!

  40. Ida says:

    I made this pie two days ago for a dinner party. It was delicious and everyone loved it. There was only one problem. When I put it in the freezer, it was beautifully purple, and when I took it out, it had turned a brownish color. Any idea why this happened and how I can avoid it in the future?

    • Emily says:

      Oh ok. Well below is the email I sent. Was the inside still purple? I’ve never heard of the color turning brown and have never experienced that myself. Just the color fading a little bit. :/ I’m sorry.
      Hi Ida!

      I’m sorry that happened. My initial thought is that the color will return when it thaws. The cake will be lighter after it sets because the coconut oil solidifies. Also freezing can dull the color little bit sometimes, but it shouldn’t be brown.

      Have you transferred it to the fridge after the initial couple of hours in the freezer for it to thaw some?

      Or was it frozen a long time? Was it wrapped tightly in foil? Were there any changes to the recipe, such as using frozen blueberries?

      After it’s thawed in the fridge, take another peek and see how the color looks.

      Another thing is that the top of the cake might have dulled, but the inside should still be a pretty purple.

      I hope it’s still pretty for your party! But at least it should still taste good 🙂

      Let me know how it turns out!

      Emily Spain

  41. Ida says:

    I forgot to put foil on and only remembered after it had been in the freezer about an hour and a half. Maybe that’s what happened. The pie was lavender/brown, closer to brown, through and through.I like purple too, so I was disappointed. But no one seemed to notice but me. I also had a lot of lime zest and three circular rows of berries on top, so they obscured the color. I will still make it again because it was so good! Four of my guests were vegan, so they were very appreciative, and the non-vegans loved it too. I served it with fresh whipped coconut milk.

    • Emily says:

      Maybe that was it! I’m sorry about the color. Would be disappointed, too. But I’m glad you and your guests enjoyed the taste. It sounds like you made it look beautiful with the garnishes

      I had some ideas to make it more purple next time:
      – Make sure to use raw cashews, since they are lighter than roasted ones.
      – Make the vanilla layer larger, so there is a higher concentration of blueberries on the top layer.
      – Use clear vanilla extract
      – Keep tightly covered at all times.

      The color also may depend on the type of blueberries you use. I’ve seen a wide variety of shades of purple all from the same recipe. Adding in some blackberries will make a beautiful magenta/purple color, too!

      Hope that helps! Good luck

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