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Whip up a dessert you won’t regret later. It’s healthy 😉

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You’re busy keeping the kids alive, running a household, being a boss babe. You’re doing it ALL.

You’re short on time, but that sweet tooth still beckons…

You want dessert, but you don’t want to give in to that package of cookies in the pantry. (You know that junk makes you feel like garbage.)

Can you make a satisfying dessert… with healthy ingredients? that doesn’t take all day to make?! 


It’s all in my e-cookbook, EASY TREATS – in 10 Minutes or Less!

It’s jam packed with the most popular ‘Quick & Easy’ recipes from PrettyPies.com you can whip up in between shuttling the kids to practice.

It uses only wholesome, FEEL-GOOD ingredients, so you can satisfy your sweet tooth without detriment to your health. 

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