Healthy Reese's (Vegan, Low Carb) PrettyPies
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Healthy Reese's

Healthy peanut butter cups made with 8 simple ingredients. NO sugar!
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time0 mins
Total Time35 mins
Keyword: easy, keto, reese's, sugar-free
Servings: 12 balls
Calories: 116kcal
Author: Emily


PB Filling

Chocolate Coating


To make the pb filling:

  • Stir together all ingredients in a medium size mixing bowl. Add just enough coconut flour that your dough holds together. Taste and adjust for sweetness, if needed.
  • Scoop balls onto a parchment lined plate using a small cookie scoop or measuring spoon - 1 tsp to 1 Tbs, depending on how big you like.
  • Optional: roll each ball in your hands to smooth out the surface. Refrigerate or freeze while you prepare the chocolate.
    Healthy Reese's (Vegan, Low Carb)

To make the chocolate:

  • Melt coconut oil in a small bowl. (About 30 seconds in the microwave.) Stir in the remaining ingredients. Taste and adjust if needed. *OR use 1 bar of melted dark chocolate + 2 tsp coconut oil.
  • Dip each ball in the bowl of melted chocolate and turn to coat thoroughly. Use a fork to remove from bowl. Set back on parchment.
  • Freeze for about 30 minutes, until chocolate has hardened. Enjoy!


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What I used:
Organic Peanut Butter from ALDI which is a very drippy. If yours is more firm, use less flour.
Cacao Powder 
Coconut flour
Sweetener options: you can use monkfruit drops, stevia drops, pure monkfruit extract, powdered monkfruit, powdered coconut sugar, or a small amount of maple syrup or honey. Adjust the flour and sweetener to your preferred texture and taste.
To make these Paleo, simply use almond butter instead! Works great. I love to add some almond extract, too. YUM!
To use mini wrappers instead, add 1/2 tsp to each wrapper and tilt the pan to coat the bottom and sides. Place a 1/2 Tbs pb ball inside and pour chocolate on top to coat. Keep the coating thin to make them easier to bite.
To store: Keep refrigerated for 1-2 weeks in an airtight container. Must be kept cold since the chocolate will melt. I love these straight from the freezer!


Calories: 116kcal