low carb Pumpkin Bread loaf slice with butter

Low-Carb Pumpkin Bread (Egg-Free)

Ultra moist low-carb pumpkin bread with brown “sugar” and warm pumpkin spices! A delicious breakfast, snack or dessert without any gluten, dairy, eggs or sugar. (Paleo & Vegan)

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low carb Pumpkin Bread loaf sliced

Extra Moist (Healthy!) Pumpkin Bread

It’s the coziest time of year! It’s time to bust out your cardigans and boots (even if it’s still 90 degrees) because fall is here and it’s BAKING SEASON. And also: PUMPKIN SEASON.

It’s your time to fill your home with the comforting aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger that is pumpkin spice. It smells HEAVENLY. Almost as good as it TASTES. Are you ready for this? I know I already have LOTS of pumpkin recipes on Pretty Pies, but I couldn’t resist relishing in this pumpkin comfort with you guys.

This Pumpkin Bread is THE MOIST-EST bread I think I’ve ever baked. It definitely reminds me of banana bread, but this bread has way WAY less carbs. Only about 5 net carbs per slice!

(And that’s a fraction of the carbs and sugar you’ll find in a slice from Starbucks (!!!!) SIXTY ONE net carbs. In ONE piece. I’m speechless.)

The texture of this pumpkin bread is soft, tender, rich and satisfying. It cuts easily without crumbling, and is DIVINE served warm and slathered in “butter” — whatever dairy or dairy-free kind you like!

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low carb Pumpkin Bread loaf in a pan

Wholesome Ingredients

With a variety of pantry- staple, natural ingredients, this pumpkin bread can be yours!

  • Almond Flour
  • Flaxseed
  • Besti Brown “Sugar” Allulose-Monkfruit Sweetener (more on that below!)
  • Pumpkin Puree
  • Oil
  • Tapioca Flour
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Pink Salt

Need to substitute an ingredient? See below for some recommendations or leave a question below. I’m always here to help!

Pumpkin Bread ingredients

Almond Flour

I always recommend using fine almond flour for the best texture. The two brands I like are Costco (Kirkland) brand and Bob’s Red Mill. These are both excellent quality and optimal superfine texture.

Other brands I’ve tried are too grainy tasting. If you’ve tried other baked goods in the past without success, it could be the brand of the ingredients.

I always combine almond flour with a blend of other types of “flours” for optimal taste and texture in my baked goods. I choose tapioca flour and ground flaxseed because of their ability to create a light fluffy texture, their mild unobtrusive flavor profile, and their binding properties.

Do I have to use Tapioca Flour?

I recommend tapioca to lighten the heaviness that almond flour and grain-free baked goods can create. Tapioca flour is a starch that is higher in carbs, but in my opinion, it’s fine to use in moderation to help the texture of baked goods. A few tablespoons spread over a dozen servings is minimal in terms of added carbs.

However, if you don’t want to use tapioca flour, you can try to substitute using a different starch such as arrowroot, or corn starch.

For a non starch (keto friendly) alternative, try more almond flour. But just a caveat that changes to the ingredients have not been tested and will affect the outcome such as by giving a heavier denser texture. Will it make the carbs lower, i.e better for those on a keto diet? Yes. But proceed at your own risk 😉

The Best Keto Brown Sugar Alternative

Besti Brown “Sugar” Allulose Monkfruit Blend is a jaw-dropping brown sugar substitute. If someone gave me a bag without seeing the label, I’d think it was the real deal! By LOOK, smell, TASTE, everything! But it’s sugar-free!

Here’s an excerpt from the Wholesome Yum website:

“Meet the perfect blend of monk fruit extract and allulose, with the moisture, color and flavor of brown sugar. This natural keto brown sugar replacement tastes, bakes, browns, and dissolves just like brown sugar does, and produces very soft, moist baked goods with the perfect brown sugar aroma. Besti natural brown sweetener replaces brown sugar 1-to-1, but has zero calories, zero net carbs, and zero glycemic index. ”

Where to Find Besti Sweeteners? HERE online at your convenience!

PS Get a SWEET 10% discount on all Besti products with the code PRETTYPIES.

Brown Sugar Glaze

Do you need a brown sugar glaze? I say YES, for sure. The warm pumpkin coziness is perfectly complemented by the hint of molasses flavor from the brown “sugar.”

After your pumpkin bread has baked and cooled for 15 minutes or so, stir together a spoonful of Besti Brown Sugar with a little bit of water. Then drizzle this all over your scrumptious loaf for a gorgeous shiny glaze, AND a boost of brown sugar-esque flavor, AND even more amazing moistness!

No Erythritol (Sugar Alcohol)

It can be difficult to find keto/low-carb recipes without erythritol, which is the main ingredient in Swerve, Lakanto Classic and many other sugar-free sweeteners. But you can rejoice that you have found a great sugar-alcohol-free recipe on Pretty Pies! And rest assured that this is a tried and tested, tweaked, and perfected many times over recipe that you can trust.

Why no erythritol? My husband recently discovered he has a sensitivity to it, so I’m creating treats that he can partake, too.

Also, I have also found, as detailed in my book and blog many times, that Lakanto Classic Monkfruit Granules do not bake the same way as sugar / “regular” sweeteners, so I’ve found it’s better to use other alternatives like Besti (allulose/monkfruit), Lakanto simple syrup and pure stevia extract in order to have a soft, tender and moist baked good.

low carb Pumpkin Bread loaf slice with butter bite shot in hand

No Eggs

Yes, this bread is completely Vegan with no eggs or egg replacers needed! The combination of ground flaxseed, oil, pumpkin and water along with baking powder and baking soda creates the same binding effect and rise needed.

I don’t recommend trying to use eggs in place of the water or other ingredients. It may throw off the texture making it taste eggy and/or mushy. And it’s simply unnecessary.

Ingredient Substitutions

Almond flour is the most common and universal component to low-carb, keto and paleo baking. It really is a super star of an ingredient, providing moisture, softness and an ideal replacement for wheat in gluten free baked goods when combined with other “flours.”

However, if you can’t tolerate almonds or have an allergy to nuts, you can probably substitute pumpkin seed flour to make these nut-free, yet still grain-free and low-carb.

Nuts and seeds are often interchangeable due to their similar fat and protein structure. I found pumpkin seed flour on Amazon. And used it to make nut-free Super Moist Chocolate Cupcakes from my 2nd cookbook, YAY It’s Sugar-Free. They turned out good! Although the pumpkin seed flavor was a little bit noticeable. But it does work 🙂

Light Olive Oil can easily be subbed with any type of oil that you like. I recommend a neutral flavored oil, such as avocado oil, refined coconut oil, buttery flavor coconut oil, or others with a flavor that is not overpowering. Do not use regular olive oil which has a very pronounced flavor. Light olive oil is refined and almost flavorless, letting the flavor of your dish shine.

Sweetener Swap

I absolutely LOVE Besti Brown Sugar because it REALLY DOES taste/smell/look/bake like brown sugar.

But if you need to use something else, but keep it low-carb/sugar-free, here are my recommendations:

  • an equal amount of Lakanto baking blend
    • Do NOT use Lakanto Classic Monkfruit granules or erythritol. This sweetener is not recommended for baking soft goods like cakes and breads since it does not easily dissolve and create a tender texture.
  • 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon pure stevia extract or pure monkfruit extract – but you may not need to add very much water to the batter. Add 1 Tbs at a time until it’s just moistened.

*I have not tried any alternatives in *this* specific recipe, so I can not guarantee the results. Proceed with caution, or ask a question below. I’m here to help you!

*Always taste and adjust to your preference before baking.

*Use code PRETTYPIES at checkout for a sweet discount on Besti and Lakanto sweeteners.

For non low-carb, sub an equal amount of coconut sugar or regular sugar.

low carb Pumpkin Bread loaf slice with butter bite shot

How to Make Low-Carb Pumpkin Bread

This is a simple, easy to make recipe with:

  • no complicated techniques,
  • no tricky yeast, and
  • no equipment needed!

All you really need is a mixing bowl and an oven.

  1. Start by whisking together all of the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl. The brown sugar has a tendency to clump, so be sure to press out any lumps with a spatua or measuring cup. OR use an electric/stand mixer to thoroughly blend the “flours” together for a super smooth texture.

2. I recommend mixing the “wet” ingredients together in their own small bowl so the batter doesn’t get over-mixed and the pumpkin is evenly distributed throughout the batter.

3. Pour the wet mixture over the dry mixture and gently fold until all the flour is moistened. It will be thick- that’s ok! With too much liquid, the batter may not get done in the center.

4. Pour the batter into a prepared pan and bake for about 1 hour.

Note: I use a smaller than “standard” loaf pan, similar on Amazon. If you use a smaller or larger pan, the bake time will be longer or shorter, respectively. Be sure to read the tips for best results and to ensure your bread is completely baked through, moist and yummy.

Pumpkin Bread ingredients in a bowl

Tips for Best Results

Tip #1: Use a small loaf pan

The smaller the pan, the easier to bake. Especially when you’re dealing with egg-free, grain-free baking. A slightly smaller (7×4 inch) loaf pan creates a nice amount of rising. I found my pan at Aldi a few years back, but Amazon has some similar HERE.

If your pan is larger, like a standard 9″ pan, the bake time will likely be shorter since the bread will be shallower and take less time to cook through. Check the loaf around 40-45 minutes (and every few minutes after) for doneness.

Tip #2: Line your pan

Parchment paper is your friend. It makes removing the bread from the pan an absolute breeze with NO sticking and no added chemical sprays. And much easier clean-up, too. I highly recommend using it to make your life easier.

I like to use the “quick & dirty” method of lining the pan with parchment. I cut a piece of parchment from the roll that is about double the size of my pan. Just enough so that the bottom and sides are covered. Then I lay it inside the pan and crease the each side by folding it toward the center.

It doesn’t have to be perfect at all. Just make sure there’s a little bit of overhang so that you can grab it to lift the bread out after baking.

low carb Pumpkin Bread loaf in a pan

Tip #3: Test for doneness

Around the 50 minute mark, begin testing your bread for doneness using a toothpick. I do this every 3 to 5 minutes, then every 1-2 minutes as it nears completion.

Prick it near the center and look for crumbs after removal. You can also press the surface with your finger to help gauge how firm and done it feels, but that doesn’t fully give a reading of the interior of the bread.

It’s ok if the outside seems to be getting a little dark and “done,” however, it’s not ok for it to be extremely dark brown or burnt. If you feel like your loaf is getting too dark on top, simply cover the top loosely with a piece of foil to prevent over-browning.

Tip #4: Let it cool

As your loaf cools, it will continue to firm up and solidify. Let it cool in the pan for about 15 minutes and then grab the parchment to lift it onto a wire rack to cool another 15 minutes. Slicing too early can cause the bread to crumble.

low carb Pumpkin Bread loaf slice close up

Can you turn bread into muffins?

Yes! This recipe can make about 12 (or even 14) standard size muffins. The bake time should only take about 25 minutes, give or take 5. Just keep an eye on them and test with a toothpick for doneness. I recommend using wrappers, too, for easy removal and clean-up.

How to Store Pumpkin Bread

This bread stays fresh on the counter at room temperature, loosely wrapped, for about 3-4 days. Since there are no preservatives or additives, it doesn’t have the same shelf life of store-bought breads.

Super moist baked goods like quick breads can be refrigerated to extend their freshness for up to 7 to 10 days in an airtight container. To store longer than 7-10 days, this bread may be frozen. See below for how to freeze it for the best results.

How to Freeze Homemade Bread

Cool the bread completely before freezing. Slice into individual slices and lay them out on a cookie sheet lined with parchment. Freeze on the cookie sheet, then transfer slices to an airtight container such as Tupperware or a gallon size zip-top bag.

Freezing after cutting makes thawing much quicker and easier to simply pull out one or two slices as needed, rather than having to wait hours for an entire loaf to thaw.

Frozen slices can easily be reheated in the microwave on a paper towel. Try 30-45 seconds on medium strength (adjust per your microwave’s power.)

low carb Pumpkin Bread loaf sliced

More Low-Carb Pumpkin Treats

More Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Quick Bread Recipes

low carb Pumpkin Bread loaf sliced

Low-Carb Pumpkin Bread (Egg-Free)

Extra moist pumpkin bread with brown sugar and warm pumpkin spices! A delicious breakfast, snack or dessert without any gluten, dairy, eggs or sugar. (Paleo & Vegan)
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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour
Servings: 12 slices
Author: Emily


Brown Sugar Glaze


To make the bread:

  • Preheat the oven to 325. Line a small bread pan with parchment paper for easy removal (my pan is 7×4")
  • Whisk together dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl (or stand mixer.)
    Pumpkin Bread ingredients
  • Stir together water, oil and pumpkin in another small bowl.
    Pumpkin Bread wet ingredients
  • Pour the wet mixture over the dry mixture and gently fold to combine until all the crumbs are moistened (it will be a little thick)
    mixing Pumpkin Bread ingredients
  • Scoop batter into pan and smooth with a spatula.
    Pumpkin Bread batter in a pan
  • Bake for about 55-65 minutes until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool on a wire rack for 15 minutes then remove bread from pan and allow to cool another 15 minutes before slicing.
    low carb Pumpkin Bread loaf in a pan

To make the glaze:

  • Stir together brown sugar and water in a small bowl and paint the semi-cooled bread with a pastry brush.


See full post above for ingredient substitution recommendations.
Store loosely wrapped on the counter for 3-4 days, or refrigerate for 7-10 days. See above for how to freeze.
Nutrition Facts
Low-Carb Pumpkin Bread (Egg-Free)
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
Saturated Fat
Trans Fat
Polyunsaturated Fat
Monounsaturated Fat
Net Carbs
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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  • Lynn Mann

    I cannot eat almonds or it’s flour. Do you have a substitue for almond flour in your baked goods. I can’t do other nuts either. I am doing the AIP plan for right now.

    • Emily

      Hi! I’m not sure if seeds are OK on AIP, but if so, I would use pumpkin seed flour. It does a little bit of an earthy flavor, but it’s a good alternative for almond flour in most things. There is a link to it in the post 🙂

  • Missy

    5 stars
    This was so good! Recently had to cutout eggs and finding it hard to bake without them! But this recipe was perfect! I subbed applesauce for the oil to reduce calories and it worked great! Thank you!

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