Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie {Vegan, GF, Paleo}

Ultra smooth and creamy (and secretly healthy!) Key Lime Pie! No dairy, gluten, eggs or artificial ingredients. (No bake, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Paleo!) Jump to RecipeKey Lime Pie made with avocado! Vegan & Paleo

A Pie that Wins Over Everyone!

Creamy Key Lime Pie secretly made with healthy ingredients! (You’d never guess it’s avocado!) This easy, no-bake pie is a fan favorite.

It’s allergy friendly and fits a variety of diets. You don’t have to be vegan or Paleo to love this pie! It gets rave reviews from people with all kinds of diets (even people who don’t like healthy food love this Key Lime Pie!)

Naturally Colorful

You won’t need any artificial food coloring to get this beautiful vibrant green!Β This pie is naturally colored with… AVOCADO!

Yes, avocado! (And no, it does not taste like guacamole, although I do love me some guac.)

This is the creamiest, smoothest pie with a tangy lime punch that is sure to please any key lime pie lovers! Definitely one of my favorites!

Update 8/2019 — Even after many years, this pie has remained a family fave and reader favorite too! One of the most popular recipes on Pretty Pies! πŸ™‚

Naturally Delicious!

You just need a few whole foods to create this pretty pie: nuts, dates, avocado, lime, maple syrup or honey, and coconut oil, plus a little salt and vanilla.

That’s it! It’s super easy, and full of fiber and healthy fats!

ps. If you’re low-carb check out my keto version here πŸ™‚Key Lime Pie

Does it turn BROWN?

This is a common question I get! And the answer is NO.

Lime juice is a natural preservative/antioxidant to keep this pie a lovely green. Really! It’s also mixed with other ingredients like coconut oil that help the avocado stay fresh.

How to Store Avocado Desserts

This pie will stay fresh for about 3-5 days in the refrigerator. Or, freeze it and tightly wrap for one month.

Over time, the color will be less vibrant, but it does not turn brown.

Watch my one minute video to see how EASY this recipe is to make:

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie {Vegan, GF, Paleo}

The creamiest, smoothest pie with a tangy lime punch that is sure to please!
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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 10 slices
Author: Emily



  • 1 cup almonds
  • 3/4 cup pitted dates
  • Pinch pink salt - (optional)
  • 1 tsp ground vanilla beans - or extract (optional)
  • Splash of water to help blend - if needed



  • Pulse crust ingredients in food processor until sticky crumbles form.
  • Press into parchment lined 7" springform pan or pie dish. Set aside to prepare filling.
  • Rinse food processor & put in 2 avocados. Blend thoroughly. Scrape down the sides.
  • Add in lime juice, zest, syrup, vanilla & salt. Taste & adjust.
  • Stream in melted coconut oil.
  • Pour over crust.
  • Garnish with zest and lime slices.
  • Place in fridge for several hours to set. Enjoy!


Disclosure: As an affiliate I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases made through referral links in this post (at no additional cost to you).
I used a small 7" cheesecake springform pan. If you use a larger/normal size pan, your pie will be flatter, but still delish πŸ˜‰
Keep refrigerated. Should last a week in the fridge. You can freeze for longer storage, but be sure to wrap it tightly.
Nutrition Facts
Key Lime Pie {Vegan, GF, Paleo}
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
Saturated Fat
Net Carbs
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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  • Robyn Koehler


    Would the crust ingredients be the same as you use for your lemon pie? I couldn’t find them listed, sorry if I just missed it. I just found your site today. I am loving it and printing out all of your delicious sounding recipes. Thank you for the beautiful website and recipes. I am working on being a raw vegan and so far the recipes I have read are a godsend. I love dessert!! Robyn

      • Matty

        Thanks! Prague powder is table salt mixed with sodium nitrite (a preservative for curing meats). They tint it pink to keep people from accidentally using it as table salt πŸ™‚

        • Emily

          I buy it on amazon usually Or sometimes I find a good deal at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx or Ross πŸ™‚

          You can use another type of salt if you prefer. It will not make a huge impact on the flavor.

          I choose to use natural/unrefined salts that do not have dextrose or other additives/anti-caking agents. Himalayan salt has tons of minerals and the taste is so much better to me. It’s a smoother, more round flavor — not a stark/brash saltiness. I put it on everything. I love it! Highly recommend you try some.

          • G

            Do you know why the salt is pink? The color is the result of a high Arsenic content. If it is health you seek, use a kosher salt without additives (ingredients should simply read: Salt).

            Considering there is no chance the color will result in any eye pleasing touches for this recipe, upping the arsenic in ones diet seems silly.

            Also, we have plenty of relatively local salt to eat. Why negatively impact the planet flying arsenic salt (pink salt) around the globe?

          • Nicholas

            G- You are incorrect.

            Two quick Google searches disprove what you said.

            “Pink Himalayan salt is made from rock crystals of salt that have been mined from areas close to the Himalayas, often in Pakistan. It gets its rosy hue from trace minerals in the salt, like magnesium, potassium and calcium.”


            “Himalayan pink salt also contains barely detectable amounts of elements that would be harmful if isolated and consumed in large doses, such as arsenic and uranium,” McGrath says.”

            There’s *no possible way* anyone could consume enough pink salt for the trace amounts of arsenic to become harmful.
            Especially not the pinch used in this recipe.

        • Patti

          It’s easy to find locally — places like TX Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory, World Market and other such outlets. I think even the grocery store has it.

  • Jenn

    Hi there,

    I just made this and it’s in the fridge! I was wondering though, could I put coconut whip cream on this and would it hold up with the recipe?

  • Celyne

    Oh. My. God.
    this pie is so incredibly good and pretty too!! The friend who came for dinner last night said it was the best Key Lime pie she had ever had and I tend to agree. It’s also perfect in the morning with a cup of tea.
    I discovered your website yesterday while looking for a paleo key lime pie recipe and, boy-oh-boy, am I glad I found you! I am hooked on your recipes, I might try the Almond Joy ice cream cake next…

    • Emily

      Thank you so much Celyne! I’m so glad you liked it That’s one of my favorites. It’s always good to get feedback on my recipes, so thanks for taking the time to comment. Hope you enjoy the Almond Joy cake too! Let me know how it turns out.

  • Kim

    Ok, I just ate my second slice of this delicious pie. It was super easy to make and so very rich and creamy without the dairy. I love it!

  • Julie

    I noticed that you have listed zest as a garnish but then have it in the instructions to add it to the avocados etc. to blenderize together. How much do you add?

    • Emily

      Oh thanks for catching that. You can actually add the zest just on top of you wish, or blend some inside too. I use 1 whole lime’s worth, about 1 Tbs zest. πŸ™‚

    • Emily

      Hey Denise, I just did a quick calculation on & got 296 cal (20F/32C/3P/5g fiber) per slice (based on 10 slices.

      You can paste the URL of any recipe for instant nutritional facts it’s awesome

      If you’re counting carbs, check out my low carb recipes :

    • Emily

      Bummer, I’m sorry Leslie πŸ™ I don’t have a replacement for the coconut oil. That’s what holds it together (since it solidifies when chilled.)

      I’ve heard about people using gelatin or agar-agar hold desserts together, but I have never tried those myself, so I’m not sure.

  • Shannon

    Emily do you know if this would freeze? I wanted to make it in advance for a 4 day retreat where we wouldn’t be eating it until the 3rd night. I was hoping I could make it on Tuesday before we leave and freeze it and then move it to the fridge on Saturday to thaw out.

  • Andrew

    We just made it yesterday and tasted today. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s better than an ordinary cheese cake. We love it so much. Will keep it in our menu. Thanks Emily!

  • Tauni

    Beautiful and yummy looking pie! I am getting ready to make this pie, but need to ask a question first. What size avocados should I use; small, medium, or large? And which do you use when making this pie; honey or maple syrup?

    Thank you so much for your help!


  • Charlene

    Most awesome! I made it for my 24 year old sons’ birthday. Everyone of my family….five adults and three children LOVED this….except the vegetarian one who refused to try it, saying he does not eat green things! It was all I could do to resist making it again before the last bite was gone. The next day my daughter told me she almost snuck over to my house in the night, hoping there would be some left! Big hit. GF, Dairy-free and egg free family!

    • Emily

      Here you go:
      1 cup almonds
      3/4 cup pitted dates
      Pinch of Himalayan pink salt (optional)
      1 tsp ground vanilla beans or extract (optional)
      Splash of water to help blend, if needed

  • Erma Roberts

    Emily, the gluten free pie is my choice. May I substitute butter for the coconut oil? I have been browsing your site for the past three days. It’s absolutely AWESOME! It definitely a new favorite. Thank You!

    • Emily

      Thank you Erma! So glad you like the site
      Butter should work, but it will give it a buttery flavor. I haven’t tried it myself, but it might be good!
      You can also use palm oil. Or any neutral oil that solidifies when chilled, since that’s what holds it together. Hope that helps.

  • Dana

    Do you recommend regular limes or key limes? Key lime pie was my absolute favorite dessert before I went vegan and I want to make sure my first time making it turns out as close to the real thing as I can!

  • Katie Short

    I used this filling recipe to fill a “crust” adapted from a Paleo macaroon recipe. My family, the non-dieting, regular food-eating types, LOVED it! My young niece preferred it to chocolate pie, and no one had a clue it was avocado until I told them.
    This was my first dessert since beginning an allergy-elimination diet. A real, bona fide dessert I could eat with a fork at the table with my extended family and friends. Not some dates with coconut butter or a bowl of fruit, but DESSERT. Nothing wrong with the others, I eat them all the time. But to have that ability to participate in social dining, and do it well? That’s a gift, and I thank you so much for it!

    • Emily

      I’m so thrilled you got to enjoy a real dessert with your family and friends!!! That makes me so happy to hear Glad everyone loved it, too. Yay!
      Thank you for commenting. & You are very welcome. It’s my pleasure!

  • Beth

    I’m curious as to how much zest to put in the pie? The ingredients say that the zest is for garnish but the directions say to mix it in and use it as a garnish. Can you clarify for me how much zest I should mix in, if any? Thank you! I am excited to make this!!

    • Emily

      You can just add it on top as garnish. That’s what I usually do πŸ™‚

      But mixing in a teaspoon or so to the filling is good, too. Just be sure to blend it thoroughly so you don’t get any grit.

      Hope you enjoy!

  • Keershton

    The pie tasted great! My husband said it was a bit tart, but that’s what I love about key lime pies. I did have trouble getting it to firm up like it looks in the picture. Mine turned out a bit mushy, even after leaving in the fridge overnight. Should I try using more coconut oil?

  • Karen Nakaska

    This pie has amazing flavor. My daughter in law is gluton intolerant, and she is currently following an allergy elimination diet. As mentioned in an earlier comment, it was so nice to have a real dessert that she could enjoy with the rest of us!
    Thank you sooo much!

  • Mindy

    Hi, I posted a similar comment, but am comparing the recipes!

    Is there a way I could make this with stevia rather than maple syrup?

  • Dominique

    Exactly how long should I allow my pie to set? Also my crust wasn’t as nearly as this! Do you think I should double the recipe for next time?

    • Emily

      It usually takes a few hours to set in the freezer. I would check it after 2 and see if it’s solid in the middle yet. It depends on your freezer and the depth of your filling.

      What size is your pan? That affects the thickness of the crust. I use a small (7 inch) springform, and I also pushed the crust up the sides a little. It’s not that thick all the way through. But yes, you can double the crust if use a bigger pan, or if you like it thicker. Or even 1.5x might work.

      Hope you enjoy! πŸ™‚

  • B Jones

    Isn’t coconut oil already liquid? Why would I need to melt it? Am I using the wrong product?
    I’m super excited to make this.

    • Emily

      My coconut oil is solid πŸ™‚ Maybe my house is colder than yours haha. Coconut oil solidifies below 76 degrees.

      Just be sure you’re not using the kind that stays liquid (it will say on the bottle). It needs to solidify when chilled to hold the pie together.

      Hope you enjoy!

  • Charisse Squires

    This looks amazing and a great way to use up avocados!
    Question. I am on the AIP diet, so I can’t eat nuts. I am wondering if you have any suggestions if I only did coconut flakes for the crust instead of the almonds? Coconut can be very absorbent and I know better than to swap straight across. I’m sure other people with nut allergies might be wondering the same thing!

    • Emily

      Thanks! It’s a family and fan favorite for sure! πŸ™‚

      Yes you can use coconut in the crust.
      I would try blending 3/4 cup coconut flakes + 3/4 cup dates + a pinch of salt.

      Then add 3 Tbs water and 1-2 Tbs coconut flour (or more) to help with the texture.

      Add a little more flour or water, depending on if it’s too wet or dry, to get the consistency you like.

      Also, if you can have seeds (not sure about AIP) but any type of seed can be swapped for the nuts too. I would use a mixture of different types. Pumpkin (pepitas), hemp hearts, sunflower seeds, ground flax, etc.

      Hope that helps!

      • Charisse Squires

        Thank you for the nut-free suggestion! I tried the recipe today and it turned out really nice. I did what you suggested, and only needed to add a little more coconut flour when pressing the crust so it wouldn’t stick to my hands. I tried it in mini tart pans and they were lovely!

        P.S. AIP is similar to paleo, but with no inflammatory foods (eggs, nuts, seeds, nightshades). Its been difficult to find dessert recipes with so many limitations so I’m glad I found this one.

  • Adorob

    5 stars
    I liked it . Thanx for your work . I want to ask about downloading the video from blogs that come through Pinterest , How can I download them please !
    With my regards .

    • Emily

      Yes! Simply substitute any kind of seeds you like, such as pumpkin or sunflower. You can also mix in some shredded coconut, flax, chia, or hemp with it πŸ™‚

  • Celyne

    5 stars
    I have been making this recipe for several years now and it is always delicious and a huge hit. I often add chopped mint to make it into a mojito pie. I like to cut it into individual servings which I keep in the freezer.

  • Jamie

    Dear miss Emily, I am wondering if I can sub almond flour for the almonds. I do not currently have almonds in my home, but I have all of the other things required for this recipe. Thank you so much for this recipe. I was looking on Google for a recipe and this is the only one that would work. You are a genius.

    • Emily

      Sure, I think that should work! You may need to add a little water or oil so it sticks together. Let me know how it goes πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoy!

    • Emily

      I have lots of favorites, haha! But dairy-free cheesecake is my all-time favorite. I originally made this Blueberry Lime Cheesecake (which is still one of my most popular recipes EVER) and then I made a

      Dale Mirmow

      5 stars
      I have been making this recipe for years now, and it’s one of my favorites. It never fails. Everyone loves this pie, and says it’s even better than a non vegan version.
      Thank you Pretty Pies for years of a winning pie!

    • Tony

      5 stars

      I though i would give this recipe a try. I have just put it in the fridge. I did have a sneak taste of the topping from the bowl and it was amazing! πŸ™‚

    • Jennifer

      5 stars
      I made this last night for my dad’s birthday, and it was EXCELLENT!! (I used walnuts instead of almonds, and it turned out great.)
      I’m wondering if in your photo you doubled the ingredients. It looks higher (and prettier) than mine! I love how yours looks.

      • Emily

        Hi Jennifer! I’m so glad you liked it!!
        No I didn’t double it. I used a smaller springform pan – about 7” in diameter πŸ™‚ I think it’s linked in the post somewhere. I’m away from my computer so I can’t see it at the moment. But I found my pan on amazon. Let me know if you need the link!
        – Emily

    • Chantelle Tibbs

      5 stars
      This was so surprisingly good:) I have to say I’m not really that much of a fan of key lime pie, and I’m not a fan of avocados, but somehow all of the ingredients come together to make a really tasty treat! Thank you!

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