The Best Of Pretty Pies Healthy Desserts. Fan Favorite Recipes

Fan Favorite Recipes! The BEST of Pretty Pies

My most HIGHLY RATED- fan-favorite recipes- all in one place! All gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free + Paleo, Vegan and Low-Carb/Keto options!The Best Of Pretty Pies Healthy Desserts. Fan Favorite Recipes

The BEST Healthy Desserts

After nearly FOUR YEARS of food blogging, I’ve created literally hundreds of healthy desserts, treats and sweets recipes.

Sorting through them all can be tricky, so I’m rounding up YOUR most loved recipes, based on the number of comments, DMs, emails, reviews and feedback I’ve received.

The ones that get comments like:


SO Good!

I make this EVERY WEEK

This is AMAZING!

My favorite!

Since I started sharing low-carb recipes a couple of years ago, my site exploded! It seems like everybody is trying to ditch the sugar, and that makes me so happy that there’s a trend towards getting healthier.

But I know people STILL want to be able to enjoy something sweet! Eating healthier does NOT mean you never get to eat dessert again. Quite the contrary! I believe you should treat yourself every day to a wholesome sugar-free dessert 🙂

Here are my most highly-rated desserts. All sugar-free! And they’re also ALL Paleo, all vegan, all gluten-free, and all dairy-free. Yayy!

I hope you’ll try one of these recipes and enjoy!

Everybody loves these Keto DONUT HOLESCinnamon Sugar Donut Holes (Keto/Vegan/Paleo)

5-Minute Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes (Keto, Paleo, Vegan)

Possibly my number ONE, most raved about recipe! These DONUT HOLES.

Yep, they’re ready in just minutes — NO baking! It seems crazy, but it’s TRUE. You’ve gotta taste them to see what all the hype is about! 😉 Blueberry Donut Holes (Keto, Paleo, Vegan)

Blueberry Donut Holes (Keto, Paleo, Vegan) 

Baked, not fried, and filled with bits of sweet blueberry in every scrumptious BITE. It’s hard to believe they’re healthy!

Favorite Chocolate Recipes

Healthy Oreos (Keto, Paleo, Vegan)

Guilt-Free Oreos (Keto, Paleo, Vegan) 

People say these homemade Oreos taste like “REAL” Oreos. It’s hard to believe they’re sugar-free!

Chocolate Lasagna (Keto, Paleo, Vegan)

Chocolate Lasagna (Keto, Paleo, Vegan)

Chocolate Lasagna made healthier! Luscious layers of creamy chocolate pudding and vanilla whip on a crisp chocolate cookie crust. TO.DIE.FOR.Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pie (Vegan & Paleo)

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pie (Paleo, Vegan, + Keto option!)

Chocolate covered strawberries made into an elegant PIE– bursting with juicy berries in a decadent chocolate ganache on a chewy cookie crust.

Favorite EASY Recipes

Mini Berry Blender Cheesecakes (Dairy-Free, Keto, Paleo, Vegan)

Berry Blender Mini Cheesecakes (Keto, Paleo, Vegan)

This revolutionary method changed EVERYTHING about how I make my most beloved dessert! Now it’s QUICKER and EASIER than ever. Just throw the ingredients in a blender!!

Grain-Free, Low-Carb Granola (paleo, keto, vegan)

Crispy Keto Granola (Paleo, Vegan)

Another GAME-CHANGER. Instead of having to use your oven and wait 30 minutes or more, this granola is made in 5 minutes in a SKILLET. Not only that, but it’s completely grain-free!

5-Minute Sugar-Free Candied Pecans (Paleo, Vegan)

Who says you need SUGAR, butter and egg whites to make the best dang candied pecans? Nope, you don’t! See how to make healthy candied pecans!

Low-Carb Caramels (Keto, Vegan, Paleo) PrettyPies


The silky, melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness of caramel without any dairy or sugar! Super easy to make with NO cooking!Peanut Butter Bark from PrettyPies

Peanut Butter Bark

This was one of my very first low-carb recipes and it has gone viral on Pinterest and is still a reader favorite! The crunchy, munchy, irresistible peanut butter goodness with chocolate drizzle and crispy nuts!

BEST Grain-Free Healthy CAKE Recipe

Low-Carb Lemon Loaf Cake

AND my new recipe just published last week! Y’all are going CRAZY over the texture and taste of this Lemon Loaf Cake! And for good reason. It’s seriously DELICIOUS. I don’t know if I’ve ever had so many people tell me they made a recipe and loved it (and in such a short amount of time!)

Lemon Loaf Cake (Low-Carb, Paleo, Vegan)

Best Paleo-Vegan Pies & Cheesecakes

And these 2 recipes from YEARS ago (some of my very first posts!) are still two of the TOP fan-favorite recipes on the blog.

These are not low-carb but they are free from refined sugar! 🙂Paleo Vegan Key Lime Pie-

Key Lime Pie 

Shockingly made with… AVOCADO. And it’s the silkiest texture EVER with a tangy lime flavor you’ll go nuts over! Be sure to check out the video, too!Blueberry Lime Vegan Cheesecake | Pretty Pies

Blueberry Lime Cheesecake

The mega viral sensation that has a video with 24+ MILLION views and hundreds of thousands of shares across Facebook and Pinterest and hundreds of positive reviews!

Want to see a previous year’s top recipes? Click here!

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The Best Of Pretty Pies Healthy Desserts. Fan Favorite Recipes

Did YOUR favorite make the list? If not, I’d love to hear which one it is! Share in the comments below

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